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  • Athletics


    We have a variety of sports teams for our junior high students. These include:

    -  Soccer 
    -  Volleyball
    -  Softball
    -  Track and Field
    -  Badminton 

    For our elementary students we have a running club and a Journal Games team.

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  • Instructional Focus

    Instructional Focus

    Our focus is to enhance critical thinking skills through a culture of inquiry. 

    We aim to broaden, deepen and extend interdisciplinary connections through experiential project-based application and creation of knowledge.

     Guide to Student Assessment, Achievement and Growth


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  • School Profile

    School Profile

    Crestwood School is situated in the centre of a well-established residential community in the west end of Edmonton. The Kindergarten to Grade 9 enrolment at the school has remained stable in the 400 range. The majority of elementary students live within the attendance boundary, whereas 65% of the junior high students come from outside the school catchment area.

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  • School Philosophy

    School Philosophy

    ‌Our philosophy is to provide, through our relationships, a learning and teaching environment which enables students to discover their potential by engaging in a process of becoming scholars. Our K-9 program at Crestwood is designed to foster high standards for academic performance and student contribution to the learning environment, making real life connections and developing voice within the global community. Individual initiative and leadership, intellectual curiosity and critical thinking, a positive self- concept and a well-balanced wholeness, the ability to develop an ethic or care and strengthen a sense of wonder, are elements woven into our school learning community in our quest to develop future leaders.

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Welcome to another learning year at Crestwood School. This website will provide you with a framework of information that you may need to know about our school, programs, policies and events.

Please note specifically our School Philosophy, Learning Principles, Communicating about Student Learning Framework and our Personal Responsibility Plan. Parent partnerships is an important cornerstone of our Centre for Learning. We invite you to participate alongside your children and our staff as we imagine,create, celebrate and become life-long learners within our world.

Come and be a part of the Crestwood Centre for Learning and see your children at work, speak with our faculty, and take part in the learning process. You are always welcome.

Principal's Message

Crestwood students are widely recognized and respected for their talents and accomplishments. We expect the best and we are not disappointed. Crestwood has a proud history and we aim to continue contributing to the numerous awards and accolades we have enjoyed in the past.

Our staff continually models life-long learning by engaging in professional development. We all strive to demonstrate 21st Century literacies in order to inspire your children and create optimal learning opportunities. Staff continually analyze student work, examinations and performances to promote responsive instruction. We welcome your input and observations so that we are assured of a comprehensive perspective when determining programming decisions.

You are always welcome at Crestwood. Feel free to join me anytime for a cup of coffee and a visit. We want to offer you our complete attention, so it is always a good idea to call ahead to set up a time for us to converse.